I came across the word “cosmorama” in a short story by Borges. From Wikipedia: "A cosmorama is an exhibition of perspective pictures of different places in the world, usually world landmarks. Careful use of illumination and lenses gives the images greater realism."

The word is derived from “panorama” from the Greek words “to see” and “all.”

A bit of clicking around, and you discover a wealth of attempts to represent places in a way that makes the viewer feel as if they were there.

“A cyclorama is a panoramic image on the inside of a cylindrical platform, designed to give viewers standing in the middle of the cylinder a 360° view, and also a building designed to show a panoramic image. The intended effect is to make viewers, surrounded by the panoramic image, feel as if they were standing in the midst of the place depicted in the image.”

These inspired Poole's myriorama in the 1900's and the first cinerama screens in the 1950's.

What would a cosmorama look like for ideas, for thoughts—an ideorama, a phrenorama perhaps? What would the equivalent of the “careful use of illumination and lenses“ be for thinking outside one's mind?

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